Hello, and welcome to my fox den

Welcome to my Neocities website. I'm just some kid with a thing for art, radio, and technology (especially networking stuff).
This website was created after being inspired to make a website with the intentions of it being within web1 aesthetics.

About Me

I still don't know how to write 'About Me's. 

I love technology...especially retro tech as of recent! Around July of 2021, I published my neocities site as a nice lil place to throw my stuff in whenever I feel like it. I have a domain, but I intend to have it be more for professional stuff...I think. So yeah,. this is more of a personal kinda deal I do in my spare time.

In addition to web development, I love radio. I operate four radio stations...that do exist! The issue is, only two have livestreams. You can listen to them here

I am an artist...a good one if you wanna get a bit controversial. I might put some of my artwork here in the future, but for now you'll have to check out some of my other social media for that sorta thing...



If you like my site, please share me around the web!! I'm making really bad buttons...

FeskVulpse's Neocities

I also would appreciate a follow on my my neocities profile!

Here's some sites I enjoy!






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