I'm very late to make a post about this, hell I'm quite to even talk about my life...but I no longer have to deal with the public education system. 


          Technically, I graduated early. like a week early. Hey, I had extra time off, I'm not complaining. So our town is overrun by this college, and our public school partnered with this private college so we would graduate in an auditorium rather than a football field. It kind of broke a long tradition considering my mother who also went there like..30 to 40 years ago also graduated on their football field. It was basically the same as awards day but they made it so much more complicated. 

          After practice I think I went home, slept for like an hour, got up again, and had to walk for a while, because every parking space was full. This is where I think a football field would be a million times better. (I have someone talking into my ear while i'm typing this so ignore my topic-jumping and vague writing, its really pissing me off...) We all were lining up outside because they instructed us to do that when coming into the building, but then they made us...go in backwards?? We were all extremely confused, but we were out there for a good 30 minutes trying to line up. At least my line knew exactly who goes where, we all just sat around and talked the whole time at the end while they figured out everyone else. I don't understand it still, but they walked us in, and then FLIPPED US BACK AROUND inside the lobby. WHAT WAS THE POINT. 

          But yeah, We all walked and went through the whole ceremony. When everything was done, i waved my cap in the air cause I wasn't going to lose it...and then I left

         ...well I attempted to. I was asked where we go get our diplomas...and i looked in my diplomas case....They legit held all of our diplomas...and I had to ask around for directions for this conference room cause that's apparently where we get them. We went up there and I got a whole envelope full of things including my diploma. I looked through it, and I got several letters from government officials, some gift cards (presumably from my Accounting teacher...Love you Ms Hunt <3) and an advertisement for the counselors side business....

Anyway, Yesterday we went to my grandparents' for memorial day, and I only really want to share this much: One of my cousins came up to me and we had an awkward conversation. She talked about how soon enough i will figure out who i am, i will figure out what I want to do with my life, and that if I have any questions or need anyone, to call her, and that she's the least judgmental person in the family...and I wholeheartedly believe that considering how she's pushed through the family lol. Brittany, if you somehow see this in the future, thank you for the pep talk!


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